Emergency Storm Services


Severe summer storms can appear out of nowhere and when your neighborhood is hit, it’s important that you have a company you can trust. With our emergency storm services, we take great caution when removing fallen trees to ensure the safety of our employees and reduce further damage to your property. Having a reliable and insured tree company can help minimize your stress, and put your mind at ease knowing the job will be done correctly.

If you have downed power lines, please call your power company. S&W Tree Specialists cannot remove fallen trees or perform any work until the downed power lines have been cleared.

To ensure that the most hazardous trees are taken care of quickly, S&W Tree Specialists prioritizes jobs based upon these guidelines:

  • 1. Trees hanging over homes, businesses, or vehicles.
  • 2. Trees with dangerous hanging branches or splits that may cause further property damage.
  • 3. Trees blocking entry or exits of homes and businesses.
  • 4. Trees or limbs that are not on any structure or obstructing entries or exits.
  • 5. In the event that we cannot service you in a timely manner, we will refer you to another qualified tree company.

Note: Downed trees that are blocking alley ways, sidewalks, or streets may be removed by your city. Please contact your local Public Works or Forestry Department.

S&W Tree Specialists