Tree Care

Walkway — Insect Control in Coweta, OK

Consulting and Diagnosis

S&W Tree Specialists offers consulting and diagnostic services. All of our insect and disease diagnosis and recommendations are conducted by International Society of Arboriculture Certified Arborists. We will take the time to review your trees with you if you are interested in learning more about what is afflicting them; or if you would prefer us to just leave a tree diagnosis, we can do that too. In addition to addressing your requests, we can also advise on cultural and preventive practices that will promote better health, vitality and growth for your trees. There is a small fee for diagnosing and consulting.

Insect Control

Insects can be a major problem for trees, and the results of their infestation can be unsightly. Left unattended, this problem could threaten the life of the tree. However, with proper insect control treatments, almost all serious insect problems can be effectively managed. All of our applications are performed by certified, licensed professionals, so you can be assured the job is being done safely and correctly.


One of the easiest and most cost-effective things you can do to protect your tree and keep it healthy is to have it fertilized. In forested settings, decaying leaves and other organic matter are vital to recycling the necessary nutrients back into the soil. When leaves and debris are removed from the landscape, the natural nutrient cycle is not being completed and nutrients are being robbed from the soil and therefore limited in the tree. Fertilization helps to restore these nutrients to the soil, thus promoting a more vigorously growing, healthier tree.

Disease Control

Don't waste your money by applying the wrong treatment at the wrong time. Disease is the number one cause of premature death in trees. Help increase your tree's chances of a long and healthy life by taking steps to reduce the risk of it contracting a disease, or stop the disease from spreading to the rest of your trees. All of our applications are performed by certified and licensed professionals, ensuring the disease control job is done safely and correctly.
Fertilizer — Fertilization in Coweta, OK

Construction Damage Prevention

You buy property for different reasons; among them are location and value. Property values are often substantially enhanced by the presence of trees. Why not preserve that value by letting us prepare your construction site? From land clearing, soil erosion control, inventorying valuable trees, root pruning to preparatory treatments, our certified arborists can work with you to help you preserve that value through the construction process.